Why would I buy this Poncho Baby® Nursing Cover over another nursing covers?
Poncho Baby® Nursing Cover is a patented design nursing cover that allows the mom to see the baby while feeding and provides both front and back coverage. In addition, Poncho Baby®Nursing Cover is made with premium 100% muslin cotton and organic muslin cotton with soothing colors to keep the baby calm and the Mom stylish in any outfit. It provides multiple-function such as stroller cover, car seat canopy and blanket.

What type of fabric is used for the Poncho Baby® Nursing Cover?
Premium 100% muslin cotton fabric, which has two layers of a very soft and thin fabric. This fabric is ultra soft, breathable and light.

What is Organic?
Organic Poncho Baby® products are made from sustainable, carefully sourced, 100% organic cotton fabric.

What is Classic?
Classic Poncho Baby® products are soft and made with non-organic fabrics. They are manufactured with 100% premium muslin cotton.

Where are the Poncho Baby Nursing Cover made?
The Poncho Baby® Nursing Covers are made in the USA with 100% premium imported muslin cotton and organic cotton.

Why do you only offer solid colors instead of fabric with patterns or prints?
Poncho Baby® Nursing Covers are only made with solid fabrics to provide a soothing and calm environment to feed your baby. Moms have mentioned that when they have nursing covers with patterns or prints, the baby gets distracted underneath since the baby feels like being under a mobile.

In addition, moms love the fact that the solid nursing covers provide privacy (people don’t even notice a baby under the cover) and also they look great with any mom outfits.

What is the new Layette Collection?

Poncho Baby just launched a new collection of organic onesies and reversible organic hats. The organic onesies are made with super soft organic cotton and are available in solid colors (off white, gray and pink) and with stylish prints

What is unique about the Poncho Baby® organic baby blanket or Roly Blanket?
Award-winning Organic Baby Blanket is perfect for outings, this breathable organic cotton blanket unfolds quickly to create a soft, clean place for babies to play and relax. Four layers of thick cotton fabric provide padding and peace of mind, whether you are in a hotel room, on a visit to a friend's house or anywhere else you want a clean play or nap space. When you're done, the blanket rolls back up, closing up to be no bigger than a petite clutch purse. Made in the USA with 100% Cotton muslin Imported

What is Pack-N-Run or our organic diaper Bag?
This eco-friendly and portable organic diaper bag pouch is perfect for those times when a diaper bag is too big. Made in the USA with 100% Cotton Muslin Imported. Use it for a quick trip to the supermarket, the park or an airport bathroom. It's been carefully sized to hold just the necessities. Also works great as an insert in a purse or diaper bag.

What is the Lovey Blanky or organic security blanket?
Just the right size and easily washed, this natural fabric cozy allows babies to chew, cuddle and clutch. It's a "lovey," comfort object; it's a teething tool; it's a hug they can take with them in the car seat, to day care or on trips. Babies love to stroke the Lovey Blanky as they fall asleep, so use this for naps and nighttime as well. It's also safer and more hygienic, since it is small enough that it won't drag on the floor or get caught in stroller wheels like a larger blanket can. Made in the USA, and easy to machine wash and dry.

Can I wash and dry Poncho Baby® Nursing Cover?
Yes. Poncho Baby® products can be washed and dried with like colors. We recommend a cold wash and a low-level heat for the dryer.

What is the Poncho Baby® Reversible Bandana Bib?
Designed by a mom of two, this bib is the perfect combination of style and efficiency. The Bib is reversible and made in the USA with premium imported fabrics as the nursing covers.

Are the Poncho Baby® Reversible Bandana Bibs absorbent?
Poncho Baby® Reversible Bandana Bib has four layers of muslin cotton make it extremely soft and absorbent, while its adjustable features make it long lasting. Each of the five colors is reversible and machine washable.

Do you consider Poncho Baby® Nursing Cover a "green" product?
Yes. Since the Poncho Baby® products are made with organic cotton. The packaging is made with 100% recyclable materials and the boxes can be re-used for your children treasures, such as crayons, cards, or jewelry. Poncho Baby® products are also made with 100% premium muslin cotton.

Can I personalize the Poncho Baby's products?
Yes, you can now personalize our baby products except for the washcloths.

Where does the monogram go?
Each personalization page includes samples of the monogram location.

Does it require more time for personalization?
It only requires two more days of processing time.

Are the personalized orders final?
Yes, all the personalization orders are final; unless there is a manufacturing defect in the product.

Can I order monogram with more or less than 3 letters?
Yes, your monogram product can have up to ten characters. You can see sample photos of monograms in the product page.

Are there any other characters available in custom monograms, besides the letters A through Z?
We can include letters, numbers and punctuations.

How is my order shipped?
Poncho Baby® ships its products through the USPS.

How quickly Poncho Baby® ships my order?
Orders placed during business hours ship within 2-3 business days (except on weekends and holidays). If the order is personalized, it could take 5-7 extra business days for processing.

How quickly Poncho Baby® ships my personalized orders?
Our personalized orders could take 5-7 extra business days for processing.

Does Poncho Baby® offer a gift-wrap service?
Yes. The charge is $4.95 per order. If your order has multiple items, the $4.95 will be a flat fee for the entire order.

At what point is my credit card charged?
Your credit card is charged when the order is placed.

Can I send a check?
Poncho Baby® only accepts credit card purchases and does not accept checks or money orders for payment.

Is your website secure?
Yes, the payments are done through Paypal. Poncho Baby payment process is backed by Paypal and fully integrated that it does not require a Paypal sign up. It is seamless to the user since we want to provide an easy experience.

Can the shipping address be different to the credit card billing address?
Yes. You will need to follow the instructions on the website during the billing information this option. Please note that we can only ship to one address per order. If you need multiple items with different shipping addresses, then multiple orders will need to be processed. We are also limited to physical address deliveries and cannot deliver to PO Box addresses.

Does Poncho Baby® have a return policy?
Yes. Merchandise must be returned within 30 days of purchase, and in its original condition. Gift wrapping and shipping costs will not be refunded. We do not cover the cost of customers shipping returned items to Poncho Baby™. If merchandise is defective, please return it within 30 days after your order, and all shipping costs will be the responsibility of Poncho Baby®. Refunds will be given on the credit card used at the time of purchase, minus a $5 restocking fee.

Does Poncho Baby® charge any Sales Tax?
Any package sent to an address in California will be taxed at the current sales tax rate. There is no sales tax for packages shipped to addresses outside of California.

Where does Poncho Baby® ship to?
Poncho Baby® ships to must of the countries around the world.

International Shipping
The following shipping rates apply to international packages:
Canada: $15-25*
Other Countries: $25 - $40 based on the country and the shipping priority

* Please note that your shipping cost does not include duties, taxes or customs clearance charges. Your local authorities might also require a local handing fee and will invoice you separately if applicable. Before your place your order, we encourage you to check with your local postal service about additional fees for international imports.

International Shipping Time:
All the international packages are shipped via USPS and will arrive between 10-22 business days. The shipping time depends on the local postal office. These are estimate shipping time might vary within countries. Customs and clearing time in each country is outside the control of Poncho Baby or USPS.