Poncho Baby® Values

Travel at Ease
Parenthood shouldn’t mean a life of confinement. We create multifunctional products for moms and families to make traveling with kids easier. We’re all about compact, light and durable, so you can take your family on the road with confidence.

Less Is More
Life is complicated. Your diaper bag need not be. Our product designs are minimalist, valuing simplicity and functionality.

We’re made in the USA using premium, 100% cotton muslin imported fabrics. To cut down on waste, we use simple packaging and or packaging that can be reused for other purposes.

Support Local Business
Poncho Baby® is based on the idea of empowering women for a better future. We encourage women to build each other up as entrepreneurs, and we embrace diversity. Our seamstresses are themselves moms, and we are proud to support the communities of downtown Los Angeles.