Poncho Baby® has received an outstanding feedback from moms.

We heard .... - Multi-Stage/Multi-Purpose: 
serves various purposes including stroller cover, car seat canopy and blanket - Innovative
: patent-pending design - I can see my baby while feeding and have full coverage - Responsible: love that it is made in the USA with imported muslin fabric and has 100% recyclable packaging - Easy/Simple/Quick
Due: wonderful lightweight and breathable fabric. I use the side pockets for my nursing pads. Machine washable is a great bonus. Watch video here


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"Love Poncho Baby®. I use it all the time. This is a wonderful product for pumping either at home, at work or in the car. It provides great coverage and is stylish!"

By, Ana F Santa Monica, CA


"The Poncho Baby® nursing cover works great! I use it at work while pumping and like that it has full coverage in front as well as covers my back. Material is soft and washes up nicely. Also, Poncho Baby®'s customer service is amazing, very accommodating and easy to work with. I highly recommend this product!" By, Jocqueline Boston, MA


"As a second time mom, I have tried several different brands of nursing covers including bebe au lait. It was not until I came across Poncho Baby® that I can confidently say that it is the best one out there. It is designed by a mom who has kept both baby and mommy's comfort and privacy in mind. The fabric is amazing, super soft muslin cotton. It is cool for nursing in the summer months (using other brands I frequently noticed my son sweating under the cover). It is also plain without distracting prints and in many soothing colors that don't scream you are nursing. The fabric is odorless (some muslins have a funny odor to them) and gets even softer while maintaining its perfect beautiful brand new shape and feel after each wash. With a two year old running around, I felt no other nursing cover than Ponch baby had enough coverage to allow me to multi-task while nursing. It is also great that it can be used for other purposes while not nursing as it is perfect cover for the stroller/car seat while baby is sleeping. It is made in USA (bebe au lait is made in china)" By, Sara G


"Love Poncho Baby® gift sets. I love my nursing cover and the bandana bib for my baby. It is so stylish and super soft." Thank you. By, Lori Texas


Mom's Best Award Winner: "This is such an easy nursing cover to slip on and off, and I love the coverage it provides. I was using a bathrobe since it simple to throw on, but Poncho Baby® gives me much more privacy." "The fabric of this nursing cover is light and breathable, making it comfortable to wear even during hot summer days. I love that it's cotton, not polyester like other nursing covers. I also like using it as a stroller cover to protect my baby from the sun since I know that it still lets plenty of air and light in." "I can actually leave the house and nurse in public without feeling embarrassed. This cover makes it so discreet. It's nice being able to see my son while he's nursing, but still being covered up." "This would make a wonderful baby shower gift. The packaging is nice, the neutral colors are appealing to any mom and this cover serves so many functions. It's something that moms can use for a long time."

"Poncho Baby® is very multifuctional. I use it as a stroller cover and nursing cover. I love the fact that it is manufacturer in the US. Great quality product." By Rose San Diego, CA


"I love the Poncho Baby® Nursing Cover, which I take everywhere. It is easy to use and I can see my baby while breastfeeding. Love the fact that is made with the same muslin fabric as the Aden and Anais blankets." By Liz R Miami, FL


"Poncho Baby® has by far the best breast covers I've seen around. It's super roomy, breathable and allows mommy and baby to see one another while nursing. I would highly recommend this to many new moms looking to breastfeed,while keeping the babies comfort in mind! Love love love it! Thanks Poncho Baby®. This is my second Poncho Baby® Nursing Cover." By Jasmin C Palmdale, CA


"We are loving our Poncho Baby® - especially in this heat wave we are having." By Emily Las Vegas, NV


The Giggle Guide Magazine - Poncho Baby® Covers Breastfeeding and More!: "What does a new mother need most? A third set of hands? A night of uninterrupted sleep? Enough time for a quick shower? “Yes” is the answer to all these questions, but here’s an item that will also win an approval shout-out. Poncho Baby® is the answer to how to modestly nurse a baby in public any time anywhere, even when Mom and tot are out and about. The innovative design that covers both a woman’s front and her back allows Mom to keep an eye on her baby while she’s feeding. It is also a very useful garment for nursing women to use when pumping breast milk at work." By Mary G


"This is a perfect nursing cover. It provides great privacy and keeps my baby calm. I have noticed that my baby is more relax now since I moved from the traditional pattern - bebe au lait nursing cover. Before I felt that the baby was very distracted since the pattern cover over the baby was like a mobile on top of him. I am now enjoying breastfeeding. Thanks Poncho Baby®!" By Olive Texas


"I love my nursing covers. I bought one oval in a light color and one square with a dark color. It is perfect since I can use when I pump at work and I can also use it when I am going out with my baby. When I am in a restaurant, people do not notice that I am breastfeeding. Love the fabric and the product! " By KimW New York


"I've bought several of these as gifts for new moms. I love that the colors are neutral and soothing, so the baby won't be distracted. And unlike the covers I used when I was nursing, these have better coverage, covering you around the back, not just from the front, so you aren't as worried about the accidental peek-a-boo happening. Great product and well made!" By KathrynDWagner


"This is a fantastic product. The material is so soft, you have full coverage for a secure feeling as well. This is a must for all nursing mothers." By MC


"I love the Poncho Baby® Nursing cover! It completely covers me so I'm relaxed while I'm nursing my squirmy baby in public. And I can easily see my baby since the cover is designed to keep the neckline open and off my body. If I happen to be wearing a shirt that has to be lifted while I'm nursing Poncho Baby® covers my otherwise exposed belly and lower back. Also, the material is so soft and breathable that my baby stays cool in the Los Angeles heat. In addition to being practical the cover is beautiful and chic. I got the olive color and I can keep the cover on even after I finish nursing since it looks so good. I think it's the best nursing cover out there!" By VA73


"The Pump Station and Nurtury has chosen the Poncho Baby® Nursing Cover as "The Products we Love!"


"My good friend gifted me the Poncho Baby® soon after I gave birth to my baby boy. I had been using an apron nursing cover up until then, but had difficultly maneuvering it appropriately in public, especially transition from getting him out from under the cover, burping him, and putting him back under to nurse. I was also limited in the shirts I could wear, as they had to be the pull down type- my back was exposed if I pulled my shirt up. The Poncho Baby® solved all those problems. It is lightweight and my baby loves it! I can burp him easily, and as a bonus, I don't worry if he spits up and misses the burp cloth because the Poncho Baby® gives great coverage and it won't get on my shirt. I can wear most shirts to nurse now and not worry about being exposed. I nurses my baby in the food court of a crowded mall during the busy holiday season, and felt completely comfortable, even though there were people literally right next to me. It also works great as a carseat/stroller cover! When I go back to work I plan on using this as a cover when I pump, which I would not be able to do with a regular apron nursing cover. Thank you for a great product, it has made going out of the house for long periods of time much easier." Erin H Pasadena, CA


Revolutionary and Stylish Baby Nursing of the Future Has Arrived "The newest essential mommy must have on the market has arrived and is set to revolutionize the baby nursing industry! Fashion meets functionality in the form of an ultra-stylish baby nursing cover called Poncho Baby®. Poncho Baby®’s revolutionary patent-pending design allows you to see your baby while feeding with the privacy of full front and back coverage. It’s a chic, multi-functional covering that serves various purposes including stroller cover, car seat canopy or blanket. Made in the USA with imported fabrics from 100% cotton, it's incredibly soft, comfortable, portable and can be used virtually anywhere with discretion and privacy while providing protection for both mother and baby. All the rage with celebrity mothers like Giuliana Rancic, Hilary Duff, and Kristin Cavallari, it’s not only great for first time mothers, but perfect for the mother with several young ones, to help her easily cater to both breast and bottle fed aged babies without distraction."


Real Moms Real Views "Poncho Baby® is a nursing cover made out of 100% Muslin cotton and covers both front AND back of mommy. Muslin is super breathable so baby doesn’t feel hot and sweaty while hiding out. It also has boning on the front so you can see what your baby is doing underneath. It can be tossed in the washer and dryer and is totally compact to fit nicely inside a diaper bag."


"I love the Poncho Baby® nursing cover so much since it provided great privacy. I was able to see the baby directly while I was breastfeeding her. After I stopped breastfeeding my baby, I was able to use it as an stylish poncho." Dr. Aliabadi


Project Nursery - Poncho Baby® and Baby Bibby Review: "I previously had one of those small patterned nursing covers, which I enjoyed using, but let me tell you, now that my baby is a nosey, little busybody at seven months old, I love the Poncho Baby® Cover. The fact that the poncho slips over your head with extra fabric over the shoulders (rather than just one small strap) helps prevent baby from flipping the cover off of you every five seconds, which he or she will inevitably do with smaller, one-panel nursing covers." New York, NY Beth


"The Poncho Baby® will be MUCH better in situations such as in the airport and other public places where I nurse, because the little active baby won't be able to kick it aside and expose everything! As you probably have found with other nursing covers, this happened often and the Poncho Baby will completely prevent that and eliminate the anxiety of being exposed, which is so hard when you're nursing! I also LOVE the material, feel, and color choices. The nice 100% cotton will be breathable and cozy for our little baby. Of course, we also appreciate that this product is made in the USA as I believe most people now are trying to make more responsible purchasing decisions." Michigan Ashley S


"I love the Poncho Baby® cover. It is so much better than having an apron around your neck!" Michelle W. Los Angeles, CA


“I love my Poncho Baby® Cover and Baby Bibby! The Poncho Baby® cover is comfortable and stylish for covering my baby and myself while nursing in public. I don't have to worry about exposing myself. And the material is so breathable that my baby doesn't get hot in the Los Angeles heat. The Baby Bibby material is so absorbent and soft. It's also a great size to keep in my pocket for cleaning up drool and spit up on my baby.” Thank you for creating such great products! Viviane A. Los Angeles, CA


“My name is Liz, and I'm a busy mother of two, and I'm always on the go. My youngest is 6 months and this has to be my favorite baby product. I love being able to see my baby while breast feeding. The fabric of the poncho is extremely soft and soothing. It is so comfortable for both my baby and me. I have both the black and the beige ponchos and I always feel like I'm being stylish while also enjoying the breast-feeding experience. Everyone wants to have privacy while feeding, and I couldn't find a product that offered that. So when I came across Poncho Baby® I was delighted. Thank you Carolina. You've really made a difference in my breast-feeding experience!” Liz V. Montclair, NJ April 2012


“I love the privacy, comfort and fit of Poncho Baby®. They really thought of the needs of nursing mothers. It makes a great gift for a new mom." Monica C. Hollywood, CA