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Simple Wishes, Pumping Essentials and Poncho Baby

An amazing group of sisters launched Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials. We wanted to share with you their inspiration, business advise and amazing products. We have also teamed up with this amazing company and have created an amazing giveaway.  
  • What inspired you to launch Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials? The saying, "Necessity is the mother of all invention." is a perfect description of how both Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials came to life. Simple Wishes was started because of an overwhelming need our sister, Debra, had while pumping. At the time, there were no truly hands free solutions on the market. She was pumping exclusively for her son and saw what a need she had and believed that she couldn't be the only woman having this feeling. Ten years later, we are still blown away by what a huge need there was. Pumping Essentials came along after Simple Wishes, but the thought was the same. The medical supply world wasn't easy to navigate for a mom looking for a pump buried in websites which offered such huge catalogs. We wanted to offer a boutique experience to get mom her pump and parts as quick and easy as possibly while offering an element of care that no other DME was able to offer. 
  • How does your products support the breastfeeding journey for a mom? Our products and services support moms in them having control of their journey. Not having your hands available while you are pumping can leave you feeling paralyzed. By freeing moms hands up for them and offering nursing and pumping bras, it allows them to be in the drivers seat again to make it what they want. 
  • What is your latest product? What makes it unique? Our latest product in our SuperMom All In One Nursing and Pumping Bra. It allows you to have the support of your favorite pumping bra in an all day wear style that is comfortable and beautiful. Whether you are nursing, pumping or both at the same time, this bra supports you.
  • What are the emotional benefits that as a brand have you delivered to its customers? We always try to be there in it with moms through our social media, customer care and our lactation consults so they feel as supported as possible during this process of selecting the items they need and making sure they are right for their journey.
  • What advice can you offer to women who are seeking to start their own business? There are two key things I would advise to anyone starting their own business. One, set a solid foundation with clear communication and practices in place to allow pause before big decisions. If you do that right, then, two is to trust that foundation and don't be afraid to grow. Always check back with the first recommendation to make sure you are staying in control, but then let it flow. 
  •  How do you maintain a work and life balance with a family business? We do our best to be respectful of business hours so we each have personal time to recharge. Not always perfect at it, but we try. We also try to take trips together and shut down work so we have time separate from the business. 

Poncho Baby and Simple Wishes Giveaway

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Poncho Baby Community and Breastfeeding Tips August 24, 2018 13:17 4 Comments

My breastfeeding experience thought me the importance of community, support and determination.

Before I had our first baby, I read many books and went to pre-natal breastfeeding classes. I thought that breastfeeding would come naturally to me. When the baby was born, I was very lucky to breastfeed her as soon as I saw her. She seemed to latch on correctly. I received a brief breastfeeding consultation at the hospital and rented a breast pump to take home. I thought that I knew it all and was ready for the breastfeeding experience.

Unfortunately, our daughter got jaundice in the first week and she kept losing weight even though I was breastfeeding her every two hours. I almost lost all my milk before she was only four weeks old. My mom helped me as much as she could but she did not have breastfeeding experience.

I panicked and decided that I needed help and support; otherwise, I would not be able to breastfeed my baby. I reached out to friends and to the breastfeeding community.  I was very lucky to have found an amazing breastfeeding consultant who identified my issue. She taught me how to latch the baby correctly and how to increase my milk production. I started pumping and breastfeeding at the same time. After an exhausting month, I was able to get my milk back and my baby started growing fast.

The breastfeeding journey is different for each mom. I always encourage pregnant moms to reach out to a lactation consultant and create a community before the baby comes. In this way, it is easy to find support during the first few months, which is a decisive period to have a successful breastfeeding experience.  

These my breastfeeding tips:

  1. Enjoy the special bonding with your baby
  2. Create a breastfeeding community by supporting other moms
  3. Have a group or private lactation consultant session after you have your baby
  4. Get a good breastfeeding pump. Check and clean it before the baby comes
  5. Start pumping after the first month. It is good to start storing some breastmilk and to get the baby use to the bottle.
  6. Use nipple cream few weeks before you have the baby.
  7. Drink water, tea or juices.
  8. Have a breastfeeding pump bra

We have included breastfeeding tips for our Poncho Baby community below. Thank you for sharing your tips in our blog comments. 

  • @mrs_knarr:In the beginning it can be tough but baby and mommy are both learning about one another and this will help you build a strong bond. Your body can do amazing things such as breastfeeding! All the benefits such as the immunity you are able to pass to your child and just knowing your body can nourish theirs... It’s amazing what women can do! 
  • @mirasolalife:Always drink a glass of water while feeding. Helps keep your water intake up and be patient while the milk comes in.
  • @hollleerback:Drinking 100% pineapple juice helps with inflammation and makes the first few weeks easier!
  • @only_mianicole:Be patient with yourself and baby. This is a learning process for the both of you guys. It can be hard at first but very beneficial once you get the hang of it.
  • @erika_troy_4ever:Always burp baby after feeding!
  • @amy.hawkins.17:Take deep breaths during those frustrating moments and drink LOTS of water!
  • @krissymom_of_4:Always make sure you have a good latch or you will be sorry! Don’t let your baby be lazy or it will hurt!
  • @heathersmith10416:As they get older it takes longer because they get distracted so easilyeasy.
  • @runnercov:Always keep your boppy and burp cloths near!
  • @beloved_bonds: Find breastfeeding support through online communities before your baby arrives and take it one moment at a time.
  • @krashlee:pumping is necessary sometimes, and sometimes it's the only option due to medical reasons, but that doesn't make it any less magical. Your milk is beautiful in any form for your baby.


We think these tips will help expectant and nursing moms to have a better experience.  Keep in mind that all bodies are different and you might find different tips that work better for you and your baby.  


Celebrating Dad - My first Father’s Day Without Him  June 18, 2017 10:42 3 Comments

Father’s Day has always been a very special day – this year is bittersweet since it is the first year without him.  It is not easy for me to write about my dad since he only passed away nine months ago.    Every time he comes to mind, I think about his passion, love and drive.     He was always the first one up in the morning and focused on planning his day, inventing new things or preparing for the endless projects planned over weeks and months.    His love for children and nature was unforgettable -- any project or activity was done with such gusto and laughter that it was infectious.


Since I was very young we used to work on special school projects, hiked and rode horses.    He always looked very elegant and handsome with a big smile.  While he was horseback riding, he used a traditional Colombian hat and nice checker shirt and leather boots.  He always encouraged me and support me to pursue my dreams even if they will drive me far from him.   Even through tough times and setbacks, I can hear his strong voice, “Don’t worry my daughter, you can do it, don’t give up!”   

He always entered a room with full force filled with energy, drive, positivism. His love for his family drove him forward even during his ten year battle with cancer and grueling rounds of chemo.  Despite the suffering, he focused on life and laughter.  He was so strong he managed to ride his horses with his elegant style after recovering from chemo.

He loved to share his passion for nature, hiking, horses and animals with younger generations. When he had visitors to the farm, he loved to take them on magical hikes.  Kids were especially welcome to the adventure -- natural vine swings from tropical trees, walking through the bamboo forest or crossing the creek that ran through his farm. 

After the girls were born, my dad designed a unique saddle for our girls so they can ride the horses safely at a young age. When the girls got older, we used to take them on horseback riding trips through the emerald mountains and checking for butterflies, green parrots, woodpeckers or eagles.   His last gift to our girls was super special, an orphaned lamb who became very attached to the girls as they walked and bottle-fed him every day.  My girls named him Colombianito.  We celebrate his laughter as he watched Colombianito jump and chase my girls as they ran through the pasture. 

All my family and friends have amazing memories of my dad and the farm. They came to enjoy the beautiful views of the valley, the hikes around the farm, and enjoy the animals -- cows, sheep, horses, rabbits, roosters, hens, dogs, cats and even guinea pigs.  Our girls always preferred the family farm instead of the house in the city in our trips to Colombia.  Every call to him they always asked, “Grandapa, how is the farm? How are the animals?” My girls remember the beautiful moments with him and share his love for nature and animals. 

His legacy is about love and life, and especially planning for the next generations.  As I remember his words, I wonder how I can encourage new generations to appreciate the world and all its living things?   It’s tough to do.  In my quest for eco-friendly living and creating organic products, I remember my dad’s passion and how he fed me, nurtured me, encouraged me.  And then I realize that anything is possible, as this today and the next day, I celebrate my dad.