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Simple Wishes, Pumping Essentials and Poncho Baby

An amazing group of sisters launched Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials. We wanted to share with you their inspiration, business advise and amazing products. We have also teamed up with this amazing company and have created an amazing giveaway.  
  • What inspired you to launch Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials? The saying, "Necessity is the mother of all invention." is a perfect description of how both Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials came to life. Simple Wishes was started because of an overwhelming need our sister, Debra, had while pumping. At the time, there were no truly hands free solutions on the market. She was pumping exclusively for her son and saw what a need she had and believed that she couldn't be the only woman having this feeling. Ten years later, we are still blown away by what a huge need there was. Pumping Essentials came along after Simple Wishes, but the thought was the same. The medical supply world wasn't easy to navigate for a mom looking for a pump buried in websites which offered such huge catalogs. We wanted to offer a boutique experience to get mom her pump and parts as quick and easy as possibly while offering an element of care that no other DME was able to offer. 
  • How does your products support the breastfeeding journey for a mom? Our products and services support moms in them having control of their journey. Not having your hands available while you are pumping can leave you feeling paralyzed. By freeing moms hands up for them and offering nursing and pumping bras, it allows them to be in the drivers seat again to make it what they want. 
  • What is your latest product? What makes it unique? Our latest product in our SuperMom All In One Nursing and Pumping Bra. It allows you to have the support of your favorite pumping bra in an all day wear style that is comfortable and beautiful. Whether you are nursing, pumping or both at the same time, this bra supports you.
  • What are the emotional benefits that as a brand have you delivered to its customers? We always try to be there in it with moms through our social media, customer care and our lactation consults so they feel as supported as possible during this process of selecting the items they need and making sure they are right for their journey.
  • What advice can you offer to women who are seeking to start their own business? There are two key things I would advise to anyone starting their own business. One, set a solid foundation with clear communication and practices in place to allow pause before big decisions. If you do that right, then, two is to trust that foundation and don't be afraid to grow. Always check back with the first recommendation to make sure you are staying in control, but then let it flow. 
  •  How do you maintain a work and life balance with a family business? We do our best to be respectful of business hours so we each have personal time to recharge. Not always perfect at it, but we try. We also try to take trips together and shut down work so we have time separate from the business. 

Poncho Baby and Simple Wishes Giveaway

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5 Messages to My Daughters on International Women’s Day March 8, 2017 12:18 1 Comment

On March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day, a time to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and girls. There’s still a lot of work to be done on gender equality, which is why this year’s theme, Be Bold for Change, is so important. Here are five messages we can share with our daughters to help build their self-esteem and empowerment. Go girls!

1. You Be You. Celebrate your own uniqueness instead of trying fit into a group or match up with someone else. There are always people ahead of and behind you. Be yourself and strive to be a bit better at that every day.

2. Respect Others. Our words can tear people down, or build people up. Which one would you rather do? We need to teach girls how to be respectful with their words, and at the same time, to be powerful listeners as well as speakers.

3. It’s Okay To Disagree. Model for your daughter that it’s actually a good thing to debate, have different points of view and negotiate—respectfully, of course. She’ll need to do this, especially with her peers. 

4. You Can Do Anything. Read, view movies or visit a museum to learn more about accomplished women from the past, and their challenges. Pursue relationships women who inspire you and challenge you today.

5. Your Voice Counts. Illicit your daughter’s opinion to show her that her views matter. For example, “What did you think of that character on that show?” or “How did that billboard make you feel?” Encourage her to run for class offices—stress that campaigning is great practice, no matter the outcome. Let her fund raise for causes she believes in, or write a letter to someone she admires.

Our world needs as many smart, savvy young women as we can get!

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