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Simple Wishes, Pumping Essentials and Poncho Baby

An amazing group of sisters launched Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials. We wanted to share with you their inspiration, business advise and amazing products. We have also teamed up with this amazing company and have created an amazing giveaway.  
  • What inspired you to launch Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials? The saying, "Necessity is the mother of all invention." is a perfect description of how both Simple Wishes and Pumping Essentials came to life. Simple Wishes was started because of an overwhelming need our sister, Debra, had while pumping. At the time, there were no truly hands free solutions on the market. She was pumping exclusively for her son and saw what a need she had and believed that she couldn't be the only woman having this feeling. Ten years later, we are still blown away by what a huge need there was. Pumping Essentials came along after Simple Wishes, but the thought was the same. The medical supply world wasn't easy to navigate for a mom looking for a pump buried in websites which offered such huge catalogs. We wanted to offer a boutique experience to get mom her pump and parts as quick and easy as possibly while offering an element of care that no other DME was able to offer. 
  • How does your products support the breastfeeding journey for a mom? Our products and services support moms in them having control of their journey. Not having your hands available while you are pumping can leave you feeling paralyzed. By freeing moms hands up for them and offering nursing and pumping bras, it allows them to be in the drivers seat again to make it what they want. 
  • What is your latest product? What makes it unique? Our latest product in our SuperMom All In One Nursing and Pumping Bra. It allows you to have the support of your favorite pumping bra in an all day wear style that is comfortable and beautiful. Whether you are nursing, pumping or both at the same time, this bra supports you.
  • What are the emotional benefits that as a brand have you delivered to its customers? We always try to be there in it with moms through our social media, customer care and our lactation consults so they feel as supported as possible during this process of selecting the items they need and making sure they are right for their journey.
  • What advice can you offer to women who are seeking to start their own business? There are two key things I would advise to anyone starting their own business. One, set a solid foundation with clear communication and practices in place to allow pause before big decisions. If you do that right, then, two is to trust that foundation and don't be afraid to grow. Always check back with the first recommendation to make sure you are staying in control, but then let it flow. 
  •  How do you maintain a work and life balance with a family business? We do our best to be respectful of business hours so we each have personal time to recharge. Not always perfect at it, but we try. We also try to take trips together and shut down work so we have time separate from the business. 

Poncho Baby and Simple Wishes Giveaway

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Top 20 Latinas Awarded by Ford Motor Company - Poncho Baby's Owner was Recognized for Sustainability October 10, 2018 09:40 14 Comments

Poncho Baby's Owner Awarded as Top 20 Legendary Latinas by Ford Motor Company

On Thursday, September 27, in the city of Los Angeles, California, Carolina Toro-Gerstein, CEO and founder of Poncho Baby Inc., was awarded by Ford Motor Company, as one of 20 exceptional Latinas for its important work and business projection with products that promote awareness and innovation in environmental sustainability.

Toro-Gerstein has been recognized by Ford in the Sustainability category, having established with its company Poncho Baby Inc., ecological products and the creation of awareness in the community about the risk in the use of products that contain chemicals in the manufacture of garments. Carolina also obtained the exclusive patent for the design of her maternity covert for Poncho Baby. 

The environment and the service to the community has been essential for Carolina since she lived in Colombia. For this Latina entrepreneur one of her mottos is to promote organic products and their benefits not only for children and mothers, but also for the environment.

Her community work with Poncho Baby is to help the community especially children and mothers with low economic resources by donating products to Baby2Baby, a non-profit association that offers products for low-income families, especially mothers and their children.

Before launching her Poncho Baby company, Carolina has successfully worked in the global product launch and marketing campaigns for well-known companies such as Citibank, Oracle, Yahoo! And Citysearch. Toro-Gerstein graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia and did a Masters in Business (MBA) at Montclair State University in the United States.

Carolina Toro-Gerstein has also been recognized as the best Leaders of Inspiration by the National Business Women Association (NLBWA) in 2018 and the best Latinos in Technology was selected by the HITEC association in 2010. Her contributions as an entrepreneur have been recognized by parents, media of communication such as the Huffington Post and institutions as important as the Family Choice Awards in 2014 as the best product with its Poncho Baby. To these recognitions are added among others the Top Choice award in 2013 of the magazine Baby Maternity and the National Parenting Publications award.