Poncho Baby Community and Breastfeeding Tips August 24, 2018 13:17 4 Comments

My breastfeeding experience thought me the importance of community, support and determination.

Before I had our first baby, I read many books and went to pre-natal breastfeeding classes. I thought that breastfeeding would come naturally to me. When the baby was born, I was very lucky to breastfeed her as soon as I saw her. She seemed to latch on correctly. I received a brief breastfeeding consultation at the hospital and rented a breast pump to take home. I thought that I knew it all and was ready for the breastfeeding experience.

Unfortunately, our daughter got jaundice in the first week and she kept losing weight even though I was breastfeeding her every two hours. I almost lost all my milk before she was only four weeks old. My mom helped me as much as she could but she did not have breastfeeding experience.

I panicked and decided that I needed help and support; otherwise, I would not be able to breastfeed my baby. I reached out to friends and to the breastfeeding community.  I was very lucky to have found an amazing breastfeeding consultant who identified my issue. She taught me how to latch the baby correctly and how to increase my milk production. I started pumping and breastfeeding at the same time. After an exhausting month, I was able to get my milk back and my baby started growing fast.

The breastfeeding journey is different for each mom. I always encourage pregnant moms to reach out to a lactation consultant and create a community before the baby comes. In this way, it is easy to find support during the first few months, which is a decisive period to have a successful breastfeeding experience.  

These my breastfeeding tips:

  1. Enjoy the special bonding with your baby
  2. Create a breastfeeding community by supporting other moms
  3. Have a group or private lactation consultant session after you have your baby
  4. Get a good breastfeeding pump. Check and clean it before the baby comes
  5. Start pumping after the first month. It is good to start storing some breastmilk and to get the baby use to the bottle.
  6. Use nipple cream few weeks before you have the baby.
  7. Drink water, tea or juices.
  8. Have a breastfeeding pump bra

We have included breastfeeding tips for our Poncho Baby community below. Thank you for sharing your tips in our blog comments. 

  • @mrs_knarr:In the beginning it can be tough but baby and mommy are both learning about one another and this will help you build a strong bond. Your body can do amazing things such as breastfeeding! All the benefits such as the immunity you are able to pass to your child and just knowing your body can nourish theirs... It’s amazing what women can do! 
  • @mirasolalife:Always drink a glass of water while feeding. Helps keep your water intake up and be patient while the milk comes in.
  • @hollleerback:Drinking 100% pineapple juice helps with inflammation and makes the first few weeks easier!
  • @only_mianicole:Be patient with yourself and baby. This is a learning process for the both of you guys. It can be hard at first but very beneficial once you get the hang of it.
  • @erika_troy_4ever:Always burp baby after feeding!
  • @amy.hawkins.17:Take deep breaths during those frustrating moments and drink LOTS of water!
  • @krissymom_of_4:Always make sure you have a good latch or you will be sorry! Don’t let your baby be lazy or it will hurt!
  • @heathersmith10416:As they get older it takes longer because they get distracted so easilyeasy.
  • @runnercov:Always keep your boppy and burp cloths near!
  • @beloved_bonds: Find breastfeeding support through online communities before your baby arrives and take it one moment at a time.
  • @krashlee:pumping is necessary sometimes, and sometimes it's the only option due to medical reasons, but that doesn't make it any less magical. Your milk is beautiful in any form for your baby.


We think these tips will help expectant and nursing moms to have a better experience.  Keep in mind that all bodies are different and you might find different tips that work better for you and your baby.  


New Parents Must-Haves by Little Wanders April 15, 2017 15:18

Every Wednesday, fans tune in to watch Corbin and Kelsey Scott, with baby Juniper, on You Tube’s BabyLeague vlog “Little Wanders.” The Portland, Ore. couple were already sharing their eco-friendly, glob-trekking adventures on “Steps to Wander,” when they found out they were expecting, and they’ve been bringing us tales of their road to parenthood.

I love how honest and open they are, whether sharing Kelsey’s birth story or a recipe for lactation cookies. So you can imagine how excited I was to get the opportunity to be featured on their vlog with some of our Poncho Baby products. The episode is “New Parent Must-Haves,” and you have to check out little Juniper’s feet, sticking out from under the Poncho Baby nursing cover. Sooo sweet!

Here are their must-haves for new parents:
1) Diaper-wipe warmer. They found that Juniper hated diaper changes until they used warm wipes. Not every baby is sensitive to temperatures like this, but if your baby is fussy during changes, a diaper-wipe warmer is worth a try.
2) Poncho Baby nursing cover. (Yay!) As a first time breastfeeding mom, Kelsey notes that feeding her baby in public feels “a little uncomfortable for me. Some people are totally open about breastfeeding in public and just whip it out there, and that is awesome, but for me, I feel a little uncomfortable breastfeeding in public.” She also liked the design and that the cover is versatile enough to be a stroller cover, car seat cover and blanket.
3) Poncho Baby Bandana Bib. Kelsey called it, “Adorable...reversible. Good for newborns because they spit up and it is in two sizes so she can grow into it.”
4) Mountain Buggy Baby Carrier, with infant insert. Corbin notes that the carrier is unisex and while they both wear it, he feels it fits him better than Kelsey because he has a longer torso.
5) Under the Nile’s 100-percent organic, fair-trade toys, including a super-cute fruit set that supports the women workers who make it.
6) DockATot for safe cosleeping. You know I love multifunctional products; so I have to point out that it can also be used for tummy time, playtime and as Baby get older, for a child’s bed as a lounging pillow.

You can see more daily vlogs and more about Steps to Wander here. They are a great family and share our values. So happy to partner with them and we wish them all the best with baby Juniper!