Breastfeeding Essentials - Breastfeeding With Love Giveaway August 2, 2016 09:43 2 Comments

Valued over $620, the Breastfeeding Essentials in our Breastfeeding With Love Giveaway Package includes the best essentials for breastfeeding moms with an amazing suite of products to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.

  1. Poncho Baby Organic Rose Nursing Cover:  Award-winning Poncho Baby Nursing Cover, patent-pending design, allows Mom to see the baby while breastfeeding and provides back coverage. It's incredibly soft, multi-functional and USA Made with 100% premium imported muslin cotton.
  2. Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra: 1bra - This innovative bra gives moms the valuable gift of time by freeing up their hands for other tasks or allowing them to simply relax while using their breastpump.
  3. Belly Bandit B.D.A.™ Bra: 1bra - During pregnancy and when nursing, comfort is key. This lightweight, wireless and gently supportive bra is expertly designed to grow and shrink with your changing body.
  4. Bandita Nursing Bra: The removable contour pads mold to your body’s new shape and a simple release feature means baby can easily access your breast for a stress-free latch on. 
  5. Mother Tucker® Nursing Tank: Designed with an ultra-soft breathable knit, this tank has been engineered to offer exceptional underwire-free support and slide-over cups for discreet nursing. In addition to all that support, our nursing tank is created with three strategic zones of compression to flatten your belly.
  6. Rumina Pump&Nurse Classic Coverage Tank: Moderate to Firm support, the Classic Coverage Tank’s all-in-one hands-free pumping and nursing does it all! With a classic v-neckline, moms can pump and nurse discreetly, without revealing your tummy, disrobing or adding extra garments.
  7. Silverette Cups: Small nursing cups made out of 925 silver to help protect the nipples while breastfeeding.  Silver is a natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory element and it heals and prevents cuts, wounds, cracks, soreness and infections.
  8. Pariday Tendher Pillows: Pillows are made of soft-touch, medical-grade film for maximum soothing. Gel-filled pillows soothe breasts & nipples on contact at room temperature. Pillows may be cooled or warmed and worn with sleeves for additional soothing. Washable, re-usable sleeves wick away moisture while preventing minor leaks. Perfectly sized for both coverage and tuck-in-bra discretion.
  9. Babymoov Essential Diaper Bag: Functional baby changing bag to make your every-day life with baby easier! Many accessories: Changing mat, Insulated bag, Transparent pocket, Soother pocket , Stroller harness
  10. Perfect Postnatal™ . Six  Month Supply. Multivitamin is formulated with vitamins and minerals recommended specifically for breastfeeding women, including whole-food cultured Iron, Vitamin B6, Iodine and Vitamin D3. To help address your body’s needs after giving birth, Perfect Postnatal delivers whole-food cultured Iron‡—required for red blood cell production—as well as Folate.   

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