The Power of Community New Mom Essential October 6, 2017 10:56 2 Comments

New Mom Essential - Power of Community 

Before having my first daughter, my husband and I thought that getting all the training and supplies for baby, mom and breastfeeding were enough for our new baby adventure.  

At the hospital, we rented the hospital grade pump went through their new baby training sessions.  After being at home with a new baby for two weeks, we noticed that she was crying a lot and was not gaining as much weight as expected.  I went into panic mode.  My mom could not guide me much since she never breastfed my brother or me. 

I felt isolated from the mom community.  Before getting married and having my girls, we used to live in New York.  I had a lovely group of girlfriends in Los Angeles, no one had a baby and our moms did not live close by.

Overwhelmed and frustrated, I joined the Pump Station breastfeeding group which was so supportive and informative.  I took me a while to realize how much I was missing --- support was an essential step to smooth my rocky new mom and baby journey!

New Mow - The power of community

After joining a Breastfeeding Community, I felt more confident, my baby started to grow and my stress level went down.  We got together once or twice a week.  I also met a wonderful group of moms and one of our best friends today.  Our girls, who are almost ten years old, have been best friends since they were few weeks old.

After experiencing these challenges, I decided that Poncho Baby Community could help other moms like me.  Having mom community makes an easier journey.  The women power is amazing and we need to leverage each to go through new mom and baby challenges. 

We are planning to expand our community and planning to create a venue to get resources and collaborate: 

  1. New Breastfeeding Community Source site: We are launching next month a new Breastfeeding Resource where you can share your favorite hospital, doctor, OBGYN, doula, lactation consultant, lactation/baby store and more.
  2. We will be sharing special perks and specials to this amazing group of mom and dads
  3. Connect with Poncho Baby Community: we are planning to provide a venue to support topics for our blog or ask questions.
  4. Feature a community member: we could share your blog, video or podcasts.
  5. More ways to connect: we will be sharing upcoming online events to connect directly with the community. 

We welcome to our expanding community.  Let us know if you have another suggestions to grow this amazing group of women.

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