Every Day is Earth Day at Poncho Baby April 9, 2017 09:03 2 Comments

Happy Earth Day! 


Earth Day is celebrated on Saturday, April 22nd, but at Poncho Baby, being eco-friendly is something I think about all year around. 

Here are a few ways we are eco-friendly at Poncho Baby: We use water-based inks to print on our onesies. Keep packaging to a bare minimum, which prevents cardboard, paper and plastic from being tossed into the trash. 

I’m also mindful, when designing, that items can be upcycled into other uses as your child grows. For example, our diaper bag Pack-N-Run holds diaper essentials today, but can be used to stash crayons once your little one becomes a preschooler.

Of course, a core value for Poncho Baby is to offer safe fabrics. That’s why I use organic and 100-percent cotton muslin fabrics, sewn by seamstresses who are themselves moms. For more on our fabrics, read our blog on

5 Reasons to Choose Organic Clothing.
Ready for more Earth Day inspiration? Here are three eco-friendly family activities:
1) Cozy up with a book that focuses on themes of environmental awareness. Try Planet Earth Gets Well, by Madeline Kaplan.

2) Spend an hour or so at a beach cleanup. Many volunteer groups are hosting coastal volunteer events for Earth Day and usually will provide gloves and reusable bags. Even small children, when supervised, can enjoy pitching in. Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen and reusable water bottle. If you can’t make it on Earth Day, there are plenty of other cleanup days scheduled, such as International Coastal Cleanup Day, on Sept. 17.

3) Take your baby outside to experience nature. What are the sights? The sounds? Really take time to explore, exposing your little one to the joy of the natural world as you together touch bark and leaves, sniff flowers and feel the grass. It’s never too early to learn to appreciate Mother Nature.
Happy Earth Day to all you Earth Mamas, and, to our most important mother of all, Mother Earth.